Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chronicles of a lone blogger - 1

As I was listening to one of my all time favourite song "Malai En Vethanai"- from Sethu - it made me retrospect nostalgically about my past - a trip down the memory lane. There are certain moments in life, that I always cherish. These moments would always be close to my heart and whenever I contemplate on those moments, I feel an unprecedented vigor suddenly impregnating my feeble veins. Thus, I have decided to write a series of posts describing some of my happy moments in life, with some interesting facts.

The journey begins...

Some of my happy moments were with Muthu- while doing my BE at REC Trichy. Muthu is a name that is synonymous with happiness. Short in stature, Muthu is one of the most friendliest person I had ever come across. He is a great speaker and describes things passionately. Although being lazy, he could pass the exams by just studying hours (or is it minutes?) before the exams. Me being more lazy, would learn from Muthu while walking to the exam hall. Dont ask me whether I passed the exams or not :P - a tough question to answer! So end of the day both of us never studied - simple as that! We used to be the typical back benchers - and probably the ones who invented the paper chat! Our chat discussions were mainly focussed on what to eat for break/lunch, kulathadi pillayar and the bible- its a secret code (something similar to da vinci code :P) which only muthu and I know (but my fellow bloggers who have read my previous blogs can easily decipher it :) ) and our passion - visiting the great Tiruvanaikaval temple.

Thiruvanaikaval is around 3 Kms away from the heart of Trichy and adjacent to Srirangam. Thiruvanaikaval and Srirangam are in the banks of river Kavery. Literally these two places form an island, surrounded by river Kavery and river Coleroon. As many of you would know, Tiruvanaikaval temple is one of the pancha bhoothas. It symbolizes Water. The other four temples are Kalahasti for wind, the mighty Tiruvanamalai for fire, Kanchipuram for earth and Chidambaram for space. As this temple represents water this is also called as 'Appu sthalam' and the Linga here is called as 'Appu Linga'. Even today you can see water oozing out near the Shivalinga idol in the temple. The goddess of this temple is 'Akilandeswari' and also known as Akilandanyaki. Akilandeswari is pronounced as 'Akilam - Aanda – Eswari' (Akilam – Universe, Aanda – Ruler, Eswari – Goddess) - so basically denoting the Goddess who rules this Universe.

Every saturday evening usually at 4:00 pm, we made it a point to visit Tiruvanaikaval. We used to take the bus from REC to the Chathiram bus stand. Chathiram bus stop is considered to be one of the main bus stops in Trichy. It is the main stop for the famous Uchi Pillayar temple and the main Trichy market. The not so pleasant journey (goes through the market, which is worse than the Koyambedu market) to Chathiram bus stand from REC usually takes 45 minutes. As we get down the Chathiram bus stand, we usually head of to a very important destination. A destination which could give McDonalds, KFCs, Burger Kings a run for their money in terms of the number of branches/franchises/shops! Yes, our first destination is to the famous Bangalore Iyengar bakery!

(The journey continues..)


Blogger Parvati said...

Aaah! Beautiful! - The True Self of Arjuna shines through this post. I simply loved it, A. Keep them coming. And instead of once a week try for once-a-day-publishing of your posts for your loyal-fans:-D...Just a request. I know you are extremely busy with your work :)

22/3/06 20:32  
Blogger Jeevan said...

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23/3/06 03:36  
Blogger Jeevan said...

I also used to play paper chat, by writing some useless words and roll the paper and throw it on our opposite group students.

My dad also went to Tiruvanaikaval Temple, before he get job, there is supersituation that if we pray for that Lingam, what ever we play will done. so my dad also got job aftter worshiping Tiruvanaikoil.

23/3/06 03:40  
Blogger Subha said...

thiruppiyum Srirangam, TV Koil ellam nyabaga paduthadheengalen! naane kashtapattu konja naal adhai pathi ellam ezhudhama irukken..!:))
just kidding, continue..Looking forward to the next post..:)

23/3/06 04:58  
Anonymous SHUBA said...


Nice to read your blog after a real lonnnnnnnnng time....A good a regularly....

Nice to read your college stories and about Tiruvanaikaval temple.Expect lots more from you....

23/3/06 09:12  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Ho Parvati - thanks a lot for ur support :)..I shall definitely try posting as much as I can :)..

Ha Ha Jeevan - itha ennaku muthalai solla kudathu - I culd have got a job earlier by visiting the temple :P..I hope u threw the paper to the boys and not the gals :P

Ah Subha - thanks for dropping in :)..Srirangam and Subha are inseparable :)..So how can u avoid it :)..

Vanakam Shuba - ippo santhoshama ;)..Santhoshama ini thupunga :P lol

23/3/06 09:56  
Blogger Viji said...

"Malai En Vethanai" is one of my favorite songs too. I have a lot of fond memories of growing up in Kumbakonam. I wonder what makes people like the past more than the present or the future, always... :)
By the way, nan oru vishayathla unga mela semma gaanda irukken... appala vechukkaren kutcheri, when I catch you online. Grrrrr...

24/3/06 00:12  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Hoi Viji,
The whole point of this post is to write abt Kumbakonam only :)..inorder to write that I need to write the athi moolam,rishi moolam, ul-moolam and veli- moolam :)) and come to kumbakonam...

Kumbakonam is heaven on earth :)..There are loads of things to write..

Viji - yappa - thirupiyuma? I am getting ready to face the rudra thaandavam! I am reminded of L.R Easwari's mariamma songs now! Aatha enna kapathu! lol

24/3/06 02:54  
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